tisdag 27 juli 2010

Back in School

I've always had problem deciding what do to or chose. And to finish things I've started. This became obvious on the road-trip when the girls always complained about me leaving food. Anyway this is the first week of the semester and it's time to decide which subjects to read (courses). Stressful, oh yes. Luckily the system here at Melbourne Uni do encourage my inability to make decisions, since it's allowed to change subjects during the first TWO WEEKS of the semester.

I really liked the lectures for my psychology subjects and they seem really interesting. Feels good to read something that feels genuinely fun. The Environmental monitoring subject includs a field-camp for 5 days during the break (which costs 1500, that sucks). And we're going to study sedimentation and erosion in a river. Very interesting, not. Then we have the environmental policy subject on thursday nights, which collide with a party, not good. We'll see what happens.

Susy leaves on thursday and we only have one day left. I cried a bit when Sophie left so it will probably be a bit emotional on thursday to say good-bye. I'm a bit on my own after that, which means that I'll have to find some new friends.


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  1. Erik Grundström28 juli 2010 13:49

    Hej Johan!

    Härligt att få följa dina äventyr! Ser med glädje fram mot alla kommande inlägg.